Thursday, July 3, 2014

Measures for Better Oral Hygiene: Dental Products That Prevent Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is one of the major causes of tooth loss in adults and can affect almost everyone. Mostly painless, the disease’s conditions are triggered by bacteria growing on the tooth surface and the spaces in between the teeth. When left untreated, it usually develops into gingivitis and can later progress into a full-blown gum disease.

The state of one’s teeth can affect one’s overall health, as gum disease is associated with various health issues according to recent studies. To maintain one’s well-being, it’s important to keep the teeth and gums in good form. Here are some effective dental products that can help combat the imminent danger of gum disease:

For Effective Cleaning: Toothbrushes

Using a toothbrush is one of the most basic things in maintain oral health. By using circular strokes in up and down motions, people brushing their teeth can lessen the chances of getting cavities and tooth decay, as well as clean the teeth surface for whiter choppers and brighter smiles. A good number of dentists recommend brushing teeth for at least twice a day for two minutes, after eating if possible. Patients should also replace their toothbrushes regularly, especially when the bristles start to wear out.

For Meticulous Removal: Dental Floss

The gaps of the teeth are quite vulnerable to accumulation of bits and pieces of food. Using toothpicks to dislodge trapped food can make the gums bleed, so most dentists suggest that their patients use dental floss to get rid of these pieces of debris and plaque in between teeth. Plaque, when overlooked, can build up, harden, and inflame the gums, which leads to a more serious condition. For people having a difficult time in using floss, interdental brushes may be utilised to help clean hard-to-reach spaces.

For Complete Rinsing: Mouthwash

More than being a breath freshener, a mouthwash can clean the whole mouth and reach every part of it with a gulp and gargle. Mouthwashes often contain ingredients that fight germs and bacteria that contribute to the formation of tartar and plaque in one’s teeth, as well as those that produce bad breath. They can protect the teeth and gums from the acids produced by plaque and can address fungal infections and early stages of gingivitis.

Ultimately, it’s ideal that patients regularly visit their dentists so any conditions of gum problems are detected early. The early stages of gum disease are easily identified, and both dentists and patients can still do something to remove the plaque through professional cleanings and oral health maintenance at home. Furthermore, patients should follow the strict routine of using dental products properly, and eat a well-balanced diet at all times.