Saturday, June 14, 2014

Top Tooth Brushing Mistakes to Avoid

Brushing your teeth keeps your mouth healthy and your smile bright. Your mouth needs to be clean inside and out, so you need to keep cleaning your teeth to prevent tooth decay and plaque from building up inside. However, you may still need to follow proper brushing techniques for cleaner, stronger teeth. Avoid the following mistakes and see the difference for yourself:

Not using the right toothbrush

When picking a toothbrush, consider the size of your mouth and the handle grip. The more comfortable and snug it is in your hand and mouth, the more likely you are to use it properly. You should also pick a brush with bristles soft enough for your gums and teeth, and sturdy enough to get rid of plaque.

Not brushing long enough

Dentists recommend at least 2 minutes of continuous brushing three times a day. If you fail to clean your teeth at the proper time, plaque can build up and boost bacteria growth, which can cause gum swelling and other oral health issues. Some electric toothbrushes have timers which can help you calculate your brushing time.

Not brushing correctly

The wrong stroke can rasp away your gum line and can result in unnecessary bleeding. Do short strokes or vibrations at a 45-degree angle, and brush it up and down the teeth, not across. Your strokes should be circular and vertical. Don’t forget the outer and inner tooth surfaces, as well as the tongue and chewing sides.